to have loved & lost

When two people’s lives are spiraling out of control, can coming together bring both of them back up?  A contemporary new adult lesbian romance.


Alexis Woods knows who she is — or at least, she thought she did. She’s number 17, point guard, MVP, all-star, co-captain of the Lady Raiders NCAA Division I women’s basketball team. But there’s a darkness growing inside of her, a darkness that started the night her beloved died in her arms, and if she doesn’t turn things around soon, the darkness just might swallow her whole.

Graham Griffin knows a thing or two about darkness. That’s been her zip code ever since the car accident that took her boyfriend’s life — the car accident she caused. When she meets Alex, she sees a reflection of her own sorrow. And she can’t help but want to fix it.

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Excerpt: Graham and Nikki

Nikki shakes her head.  “No, no.  That’s not what I mean, you dirty-minded girl…”

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Five-Star Reviews

“This story is so refreshing. I read roughly 5 LGBTQ+ books a month, and this surpassed my expectations…”

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Bonus: FanFic Excerpt

Before I started writing To Have Loved & Lost, though, I wrote a few chapters of a different fanfic…

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Graham's Trip Hop Playlists

In To Have Loved & Lost, Graham is usually painting, working on homework, or watching TV with trip hop music playing in the background…

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Rosemont University

I loosely based Rosemont University, Alex’s college, on my own alma mater — Duke University…

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Desktop Wallpaper

I love changing out my desktop wallpaper frequently, because I am a dork…

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