Small town love isn’t always quaint.

A lesbian romance… with a few twists.

Lucinda Hamilton settles down in sleepy Reverie, South Carolina, because she’s running from the troubles of her past.  But when her dangerous ex-husband evades law enforcement, she fears that no amount of running that will ever make her safe again.

Two women are determined to keep Lucinda’s past at bay — the mysterious young nurse living on the other side of Lucinda’s duplex, who won’t even tell Lucinda her name, and Ardie Brown, an ex-marine who’s recently moved back to Reverie herself. It’s hard for Lucinda to trust either one of them; it’s even harder to admit to herself that she’s falling for both of them.

What will happen when Lucinda’s ex-husband finally catches up to her?  Will the girl next door or Ardie have the power to stop him?

Or will Lucinda finally have to face her past all by herself?


Bonuses:  Excerpts, Audio, and Video