Adam loves Eve.  Eve loves… Lilith?


Adam and Eve live in a suburban paradise.  Eve is a stay-at-home mother of two; Adam works hard to provide for the family he loves.  But despite how things look on the surface, Eve isn’t happy.  And when she meets Lilith by chance in a city park, her whole world begins to change.  Lilith is offering Eve a fruit she’s never tasted before; will Eve have the courage to partake?

Paradise is a short novella that reimagines the Book of Genesis in modern-day suburbia — with a queer twist.  A blend of romance, introspection, and tongue-in-cheek humor, Paradise provides a fresh look at one of the oldest tales in the Western world.

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Excerpt: Part 1

Adam presses the wedge of lime into the neck of his Corona slowly, lime juice wetting the tip of his thumb as it makes its gradual descent through the clear glass…

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Five-Star Reviews

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Good, Evil, and Body Fat

The most serious question Paradise asks, I think, is:  Is there ever a time when doing the “wrong thing” can actually be the “right thing”?

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