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thll-3d“This story is so refreshing. I read roughly 5 LGBTQ+ books a month, and this surpassed my expectations. It’s a beautiful story and is not like any of the 30+ books I’ve read in this genre. The characters are well-built and their backstories draw you in. I laughed out loud reading this, and I also cried. At one point, I was so engrossed in the story, that everything around me was silent and all I could feel was the intensity of the words on the pages. This isn’t your typical “we meet, we flirt, we like each other, drama happens, we make up, have great sex, live happily every after” lesbian fiction that I am used to. For that, I am thankful. The epilogue is fantastic too! It’s not cheesy and it is expected, although I feel, as a reader, that I would have read an entire book based solely on Graham and Alex’s “13 years later”. Thank you, Eliza Andrews. Don’t stop writing.”

* * *

“I absolutely LOVED this book. The writing is flawless, the characters are fully engaging, and it’s long enough to develop their relationship. I am stunned that this is the author’s first lesbian romance. It has a happy ending and I especially liked the fact that it gave a snapshot of these women’s lives years down the road. I have read many many lesbian novels and this one is in my top 5. And of course, I stayed up all night reading it.”

* * *

“I started this book late last night. I reluctantly put it down and tried to sleep at 1 am I woke up and started reading again. The characters are complex and enticing. So much real life happening the good the bad and the ugly but love triumphs. As for the author’s enlightenment about this genre and a place for butch women in romance… I can only say Bravo!!”

* * *

“A tragic and yet beautiful love story. The author ‘s words flow to the extent that you, the reader, are right there and suffering the agony of Alex and Graham. Thru the magic of words I went along on their journey of healing to their broken souls. The trip was fantastic and could not have ended better. Am so happy to know that Anika will get her story told, too! Looking forward to that! Ms. Andrews you are such a delightful writer and hope you will keep going with more and more stories.”

* * *

“Thank you for writing this…I like it so much that I’m about to re-read it. I love the story and the characters!”

* * *

“Excellent book. I can totally identify with the stone butch / stone femme dynamic. That’s the nature of my relationship and it’s refreshing to have it written in this way. …unashamedly. …I love it.”

* * *

“This beat my expectations to blindly pulp.I was in love after just 2 chapters it was it was interesting getting to know your characters and I loved ever character when I meet Graham I was like who is she and was so curious I speed through this book in just one day and oh was it a day this book had me thinking it over almost 4 times and then I would still seek way more to go and I was nervous someone was going to get but wow this book had me crying and laughing and talking to myself like I was crazy with people giving me wide eyed stares and I just ignored because I couldn’t wait to read what happened next I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good story.”

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