In celebration of my book release… a personality quiz

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My friend A. M. Yates, a young adult author whose work I really like, recently created a personality quiz on for her new release.  I took it and she told me the character I came up with was partially based on me!  How about that for an accurate personality test?!

Not to be outdone, I immediately created a personality quiz for my two lesfic novels (which, by the way, I am now referring to as “the Rosemont Duology”).  Here’s the link!

Please post your results in the comments section below OR share them on Facebook so I can see ’em.  I’m curious to know! (P.S. — guess which one I’m most like!)




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  • Jean-Pierre Limodin

    I went through the quizz honestly (well as much as I could …) and I came out Amy Ellis.

    That seems to be fine although I’m only as far as chapter 19 (of Anika).

    I am retired but I spent my working life in software engineering (and I am only 5′ 7).

    • Eliza

      Sounds like it works well enough!

  • Jean

    I also came out as Amy Ellis. One hundred percent Chinese and my parents owned and ran a restaurant. Grew up working there when not playing varsity sports. Excellent match.

    • Eliza

      You sound a little more like Anika than Amy!

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