Food, family, and the truth about going home again.
A contemporary lesbian romance.


You can’t outrun your past.  If you try, it will chase after you in a silver DeLorean.

The last thing Anika Singh wants is to go home to Ohio, but when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, what choice does she really have?  She’ll go home if she has to, but she won’t stay long.  Because all Marcine, Ohio, has for Anika is bad memories — memories of being an outcast, even within her own family, and memories of a perfect love that was soured by betrayal.

Jenny’s betrayal.  Anika’s high school sweetheart-turned-ex-wife.  Anika hopes she won’t run into Jenny… Or maybe she hopes she will run into her.  It’s hard to say.

Then there’s Amy, a dark-haired beauty Anika meets on the flight to Cleveland, who happens to be in Marcine for a friend’s wedding.  Nothing serious can happen with Amy; she’s only going to be in town for a week.  Which means that falling for her would be stupid, especially given the fact that Jenny might be available again.

But Anika is famous for doing stupid things.

A story flavored with curry and cornbread, family drama, and a whole lot of f-bombs, Anika takes the long way home up soul mountain will have you laughing, crying, and grimacing as Anika gets chased around by a silver DeLorean and attempts to answer the age-old question:  Can you ever really go home again?

This lesbian romance is rated R for

  • A lot of really bad language
  • Sexual content
  • Adult situations

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