Coming in January 2018:  Reverie

Lucinda Hamilton settles down in sleepy Reverie, South Carolina, because she’s running from the troubles of her past.  But when her dangerous ex-husband evades law enforcement, she fears that no amount of running that will ever make her safe again.

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To Have Loved & Lost

Contemporary romance

When two people are both spiraling out of control, can coming together bring them both back up?

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Anika takes the long way home...

Contemporary Romance

You can't outrun your past. If you do, it will chase after you in a silver DeLorean.

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Quirky Romantic Novella

Adam loves Eve. Eve loves... Lilith? A re-telling of the Book of Genesis with a queer twist.

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Reverie (coming in January 2018)

Romantic Suspense

Lucinda's running from her past, but is Reverie, South Carolina, far enough?

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Together, my three lesfic titles have almost 300 positive reviews on Amazon.

To Have Loved & Lost


"This story of two women who meet in the shadow of tragedy is powerful, heartbreaking in spots, uplifting in others, but most importantly, organic and natural in the flow and chemistry of the relationships between the characters. (All the characters, not just the two protagonists.)"

Anika takes the long way home...

"Loved it"

"Both the previous book and this book were absolutely beautiful. What beautiful, emotionally deep, love stories. Totally captivating. I love these beautiful strong women."




"An imaginative and enthralling allegorical retelling of the Genesis/Garden of Eden story updated and brought into the present. Ms. Andrews mixes sentient animals with Eve, Adam, Cain, Abel and, of course, the seducing Serpent Lilith."

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Reverie: The Bloopers Reel

In honor of Reverie’s publication this month, I present to you… It’s official.  I’m a big dork.  Hope you like the video!  And don’t forget to order Reverie while it’s still only 99¢.  Available for Read more…

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